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General Information about Tapalpa

Tapalpa is located in the Sierra de Tapalpa, which is part of the Sierra Madre, at around 6,700 feet. The nearest airport is Guadalajara, 1 1/2 hours to the north. Coming from Guadalajara one takes the toll-road to Colima toward the Pacific Coast and takes the Tapalpa exit. The Pacific Coast (Tecoman) is about 2 hours from Tapalpa.

Pine forests and large open valleys with pastures dominate the area. Main industries are lumber and agriculture and tourism that is mostly geared toward people from Guadalajara coming up to the mountains to escape the heat and pollution of the City.

Tapalpa has been chosen “Pueblo Magico” by a nationwide government program that promotes typical Mexican towns and helps with funding the upkeep of the town and with restoration projects.

The town is up and coming, with many Guadalajarans having second homes in town or in the vicinity. Some more up-scale stores and restaurants have opened in the last couple of years. Quite a number of Tapalpeños have worked in California for a few years, therefore English is spoken at various places. Still, the town maintains its character, charm and attraction for anybody who would like to get an authentic experience of Mexican life.

Things to do in and around Tapalpa:

We are happy to help with organizing your activities during your stay.
La Casa de las Estrellas is centrally located, only a five-minute walk to the plaza and to most restaurants and shops. Tapalpa is a lively authentic Mexican town with many picturesque corners and areas. It’s worth it to spend some time exploring the town by foot, sneaking a peek through open doors onto beautiful courtyards, browsing in some of the countless little corner stores, visiting some of the local craftsmen (Huarache maker, weaver, potter, etc) or just sitting on the Plaza and letting the time go by. Periodically there are free concerts and other events in the Plaza or in the Parroquia. Local artists exhibit regularly in the old church. Tapalpeños like to celebrate – and there are many occasions to do so. The church has a major influence in the daily life of the town, with numerous, often weeklong religious fiestas in honor of the Holy Virgin and saints, that call for processions and fireworks. There are also the annual civic fiestas (Independence Day, Day of the Revolution, etc) that are big events, celebrated with gusto, fireworks and many events all over town.

January 4 to 13 Fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe: Processions, folk dancing, fireworks.
January 15 to 20 Fiesta Charro-Taurina: Rodeos, dances, fireworks.
Holy Week Feria de Domingo de Ramos: Ceramic and pottery fair
Easter Week Semana Santa: Various events, fireworks
May Tapalpa Al Aire Libre: Various sports events and art exhibitions http://www.lunafest.com.mx
July and August Fiesta of La Virgen de la Defensa: Processions, fireworks.
September 13 to 16 Independence Day: Rodeos, parades, music, cultural events, fireworks
September 21 to 24 Fiestas in honor of La Virgen de la Merced: Processions, fair, fireworks
November Festival de la Luna: Various cultural events. http://www.lunafest.com.mx
November 19+20 Dia de la Revolución: Parades of children, fireworks
December 31 Bon Fires on the streets to receive the New Year.

A list of Mexican holidays can be found at: http://www.mexonline/holiday.html

For relaxation one can sign up for a Temazcalli (a type of sweat lodge), get a massage or other spa-services or just explore the surrounding areas.

The countryside offers many interesting and beautiful places to walk and hike to, for example the Salto del Nogal, the largest waterfall (approx 320 feet) in the state of Jalisco, or a number of unusual stone formations at several places in the area. The Presa del Nogal, a man-made lake and the active Volcan of Colima create a beautiful backdrop for many walks, canoeing and fishing. If you are tired of walking, you can rent horses, bicycles and ATVs locally.

A golf course and tennis courts can be found at the Tapalpa Country Club. Extreme sports activities and paragliding lessons are also available. Tapalpa has been just recently a site in two of the World Cup events in Paragliding.

In October, at the tail end of the rainy season, the fields are covered with a great variety of wildflowers. These, and the
picturesque town make great photography and painting subjects.

Spanish lessons and classes in pre-hispanic cooking can be arranged for with a local teacher.


From November through March temperatures during the day are in the 70ies and 80ies. At night it can go slightly below 30F but most of the time it stays above freezing. April and May can have temperatures up to the high 90ies, with cooler temperatures at night. The rainy season starts at the end of May, bringing more pleasant temperatures, and lasts until October.

Welcome / House and prices / House Photos / Map and directions

Tapalpa and activities / Tapalpa Photos / Contact and policies